We want to represent the renewal, and prosperity of theatre in Brisbane, Queensland, and Australia.

Photo by Darren Thomas

Where it all began

The Power Family established BMD in 1979 and it is today Australia’s largest privately-owned civil construction and urban development organisation. All of the Power family are involved in this unique corporate establishment, with Dare and Scott Power now both sitting on the Board.

In 2007, Hayley Johnson (nee Power), an accomplished performer, co-founded Power Arts as major sponsors, investors and co-producers for theatrical pursuits. An initiative that is now driven by the Power siblings (Dare and Hayley in particular), the intention has always been to build stronger relationships within the industry, in order to gain the knowledge and first hand experience required to branch out with a self-owned, self- run and fully sustainable, commercial production company.

Prospero Arts was formed, quite intentionally, with a straightforward, lean structure. Managing Director, Hayley Johnson, at the helm, advised regularly by a self selected advisory group of artists and arts executives of varying knowledge and experience, works on a regular basis with Management Accountant, Tammy Elphinstone, and they both report to the Power Family Board.

Each production will be led by Hayley and supported by her amazing Prospero Arts colleagues as well as a team of Arts executives and associates, some of whom will be utilised through our partnerships.

Our People

Hayley Johnson

Producer/Managing Director

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Alex Woodward

General Manager/Executive Producer

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Claire Dix

Associate Producer

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Tammy Elphinstone

Management Accountant

Ainslie Brown

Executive Co-ordinator

Mitzi Zaphir

Production Consultant

Power Family Board

Mick Power AM


Denise Power


Hayley Johnson

Producer/Managing Director

Scott Power


Dare Power